Vinegar- The secret to lip smacking Goan dishes

Vinegar in Goa is prepared from the toddy (sur) which is extracted from the coconut tree. The toddy is usually collected into an earthen vessel by the toddy taper.

In order to get the product of vinegar from the toddy, the extracted toddy is kept in the vessel for a period of 20-22 days, where the toddy turns into vinegar. At times the period of 20-22 days is not sufficient for the toddy to turn into vinegar, in-fact this period of storage depends on the quality of toddy. In case of an ordinary quality of toddy, the storage period may sometimes last for 3 months.

Vinegar is normally used as a preservative or a catalyst that adds flavor to various meat oriented dishes such as, pork sausages, pork vindhalo, various beef dishes, chicken cafreal and others. It is also used to prepare the ‘rechado’ massala which is stuffed in fishes like mackerel and pomfret.