A chat with a young crochet enthusiast

Ornella Menezes, a teen from Colvale, loves to keep herself busy. She creates crochet jewellery which was even showcased for the Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks Zentangle Collection at the Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week in Delhi.

She tells NT GoGoaNow that her normal days consisted of school and homework but now, during the lockdown, a lot of her time has been freed up for crochet. While everyone else’s businesses have been negatively affected, Ornella reveals that her sales increased in the midst of the lockdown days. The crochet items she usually creates are doilies, table runners, jewellery, and centrepieces.

A day in her life consists of mostly creating crochet works, playing the piano, paper quilling, and taking online singing classes. The free time helped her get a lot more ideas by taking inspiration from Pinterest posts. She hardly gets bored and enthusiastically says: “I’m looking forward to buying new threads” for her crochet works.

Sheryl Gonsalves | NT GoGoaNow