A tribute to the cashew

Dedicated to the people of Goa, Goan musician O’luv has come out with his new music video ‘The CASHEW song of Goa’

Goan musician O’luv has released his new music video single ‘The CASHEW song of Goa’ on his YouTube channel O’luv Goa.

The video has been created over a span of three months, with site visits to understand the process and to draw inspiration for the lyrics and to create the visuals.

From the picking of the tree-ripened cashew apples with the ‘tochni’ or ‘kantto’ [ a stick with a spur or thorn near the tip], to the separation of the nut from the cashew apple for the extraction of the juice at the ‘kollbi’, to the fermentation and the two distillations at the ‘battie’ using the traditional clay-pot ‘lavnni’ as the condenser, most of the processes involved are covered in a song.

The aim of the song is to celebrate the cashew (anacardium occidentale) that came from Brazil and became one of our own in Goa. We have found a number of uses for the tree, its nut and the cashew apple and it is now an integral part of the Goan culture and traditions. It is used for the treatment of some illnesses ( cold compresses for fever, flambé with cane sugar for coughs and colds, topical application for aches and pains, etc) to a celebration of good health with a “Viva !”

“When I was a little boy and had fever, the lady from my neighbourhood would mix a little feni in water and put cold compresses on my forehead to lower my body temperature. Feni worked as a general medicine. I would like my friends/fans to share their interesting anecdotes,” says O’luv.

The video was partly shot in February and March 2020 with a group of persons involved in the cashew collection and processing in the Pengaddi ward of Cumbeabhatt, Velim, Salcete. It had to be completed with some videos as a solo performance due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations since March 22, 2020.

This song is dedicated to all those who grow, harvest, process and consume cashew and its many by-products.

 Music and lyrics: O’Luv

Music arrangement: Elick

Music recording: EL-AN’s Studio

Music video: Evaristo