A talk with a lady who creates Beauty out of Waste

“I’m looking forward to a new normal. I haven’t thought that far ahead. Let’s take one step at a time and this too shall pass,” says Sharmila regarding the lockdown and the Covid-19 situation.

Sheryl Gonsalves - NT GoGoaNow

Sharmila, the owner of ‘Kitsch Bits’ creates beautiful items out of waste material. The pandemic affected her sales, which she expected, as nowadays people are more careful with their money because of the economic situation.  During the lockdown, her time was spent doing housework, practicing woodburning, different painting techniques, experimenting with new waste products, and creating new looks for her works.

The lockdown wasn’t boring for her. She even tried to knead her own bread when bread wasn’t available. However, Sharmila did get frustrated sometimes as she didn’t always have the material she needed to create her craftworks. All the housework led to tiredness, but what made her feel good was performing kind acts like feeding stray animals. She had plans to go to France this October but unfortunately had to cancel her trip.

Sharmila suggests buying groceries once a week and carpooling instead of coming and going to the market so often and causing more pollution. She says: “We need to change the way we’ve been living. There is so much wastage. We take a lot of things for granted. A few contributions from us will make a big change for the earth.”