Catching up with playwright Isabel Vas – Life during Lockdown

Goa got to see wonderful English plays because of a certain creative lady called Isabel Vas. NT GoGoaNow catches up with her to find out what she’s been up to these days.

Sheryl Gonsalves – NT GoGoaNow

“During the lockdown I was alone. Traffic had stopped. Everything was completely silent. The silence brought the birds back into my garden which I enjoyed. For some days I wasn’t able to get groceries but something wonderful happened. Neighbours and other people helped me get food which was very touching,” Isabel reveals.

She kept herself occupied with a bit of reading, gardening, and writing. The days were peaceful and relaxing and she used to sit quietly and enjoy the silence. Isabel reveals that she was holding auditions for a new play of hers, but it got cancelled. Having any plays now is a big question mark for her. She has noticed that people like writers, painters, and musicians have become extremely creative during these days. “Coming up with a play is a slow process so I haven’t done anything specific,” says Isabel.

She misses her students at Goa University. When asked about the future, Isabel replies: “I’m looking forward to changes in this world. I’m keen to know what we as a human race have learnt from all this.”