Who says a lockdown should be boring?

Are you one of those people under lockdown going crazy with boredom indoors? Here are some ideas to help you make your time at home fun and productive:


Catch up with family and friends

There must be people you haven’t spoken to for a long time. Call them and recollect cherished memories together. Reach to those who are alone and support them during these times.


Learn something new

Sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t get time for other things. Learn to play that piano that’s gathering dust in your house or practice new dance moves by watching online videos. Try your hand at stitching, embroidery, etc. You can even complete an online course, take up the task of speaking a new language, learn to do basic home repairs, programming, carpentry, and so much more.


Have an indoor photo-shoot

This is an idea which can be loved by smartphone owners having social media accounts. Take selfies, dress up if needed, and capture creative photos indoors by making use of props, shadows, using window light diffused with shutters, taking macro shots of objects, etc. There are a lot of ideas online where people use items like sieves, wine glasses, or silver foil to get unique pictures.


Bring out your inner scientist

Conducting fun experiments can bring back the feeling of childlike wonder. Go a bit crazy and build a baking soda volcano, make eggs float, change a flower’s colour, and write with invisible ink.


De-clutter your home

This sounds like the most boring activity of all but now you have the time to make your home much more organized. Review clothes, shoes, accessories, electronic items, books, toys, etc, that you haven’t been using and separate them from the rest. Dust your kitchen cabinets, label your spices, and get rid of excess containers, pots, and pans. In a nutshell, see what needs to be recycled, donated, discarded, and organized in every room.


Give your house a makeover

After you’ve decluttered, you can give your home a new look by changing the curtains, re-arranging furniture, putting new tablecloths, changing rugs and doormats, etc. If you don’t have access to potted plants and flowers, try making artificial flowers and place them in simple vases around the house. Make a string of photos and hang them up on the walls.


Have a spa day

Pamper yourself at home. Light up those unused scented candles, take out the soft towels, dim the lights, and play soothing music. If there are ingredients to spare, make your own homemade face masks or scrubs. Exfoliate, moisturize, give yourself a manicure/ pedicure, and whatever else you wish to do.


Make video diaries

You can make a series of videos where you can record yourself talking about subjects you’re passionate about and share your thoughts. These diaries can be great memories in the future. You can even upload them online. There are apps that can help you with your video diary journey.


Get immersed in art & craft or DIY projects

There are thousands of ideas in this category. Make your own candles, start a scrapbook, create paper lanterns, paint a scenery, build a shelf, upcycle old items, and so on. 


Get active

Had you given up on that New Year’s resolution you made to lose weight? Now is the perfect time to achieve your fitness goals. You can even challenge a buddy of yours to see who can lose the most weight at the end of a certain time period. 


Challenge your mind

It’s important to keep your mind active as well. Play chess, solve puzzles, tackle online brain games, etc.


Bring out your inner chef

This may not be the best time to attempt complicated dishes. However, you can learn to prepare meals using fewer ingredients or leftovers. Practice and perfect trying out those few-ingredient recipes.


Be clean 

Remember to keep your hands clean, support each other, and take care. You can even learn to make your own hand sanitizers and masks if there is a shortage in the market. There are online video tutorials for this.