D’ziners owner gets Candid

If you live in Goa, you have probably seen D’ziners- a bespoke tailoring clothing store. Andrew Fernandes, the proprietor, has a little chat with NT GoGoaNow to share what changes have happened in his life.

 Sheryl Gonsalves - NT GoGoaNow

Picture Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GoGoaNow

Andrew used to be a very busy man. He used to start with his Margao store and end up at his Mapusa store. Now he uses his time to play badminton, help out in the kitchen, pray with his family, and spend time with the Bible. He even worked on some paintings which have Biblical themes.

Andrew opens up about his difficulties and shares that he may have to close down some of his stores as he’s currently unable to pay the rent, electric bills, and salaries. He reveals, “We are hardly getting customers. Clothing is a lifestyle business. Now, food is more important for people than clothes.” Also, there are no events for people to dress up for.

When things are well in the future, Andrew has a dream of using his beautiful Benaulim house to open up a boutique restaurant. He says, “No one can predict anything. I’m looking forward to a normal life. But I’ve realized that I’ve to spend more time with God rather than the business.”