Global cardboard challenge comes to Goa for the first time

The Global cardboard challenge was brought to the beautiful state of Goa for the first time on 6th September 2018 by The Other School.  It was held at the Central Library in Panaji.  This challenge is six years old and takes place in approximately 80 countries. The young participants of Goa let their imaginations run wild and created anything they wanted to out of cardboard and other recyclables.  Chaitali Morajkar, a renowned artist, was the judge for the event.

The Other School representative said, “It teaches the kids that they can create their own entertainment.”  Additionally, they learn life skills like teamwork, resourcefulness, and perseverance. The creativity of the children manifested in forms like a cardboard Hop on Hop off bus, a dollhouse, and many other innovative items.

Pic Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM