Touring Goa made easy for the disabled

Disabled people sometimes find it hard to go to places outside of their homes. Enable Travel, accessible holiday specialist, in partnership with Ezy Mov, Wheelchair taxi service, aims to provide guided tours in the state of Goa, especially for those people who have mobility issues. Bennet D’cunha, CEO of Ezy Mov, stated: “We’re trying to bring a complete end to end accessibility in India. Our objective is to put Goa on the global map as long as accessible travel is concerned.” Goa was chosen by them specifically because it is a premier tourist destination.  This service is not only for the disabled but for the elderly as well.

If a person can’t move about properly, Enable Travel supplies caregivers and high-quality equipment, which enables that person to access places like mountains and beaches. Ezy Mov contributes by providing accessible transport with its taxis which are equipped with features like hydraulic lifts and wheelchair restraint systems. Romeo Ravva, co-founder and director for Ezy Mov, revealed: “The entire family can go together in the same car. We’re also working on an app where people can call for a taxi.” D’cunha said: “We plan to put out 5 taxis (by next month). It’ll be in specific locations.” Shama Naomi, Enable Travel expert, stated: “Now Goa is going to rock even more!”