TEDx Unplugged on April 25

TEDx Unplugged is coming up on April 25 at 91 Springboard, for those who have an interesting idea to share and wish to get a chance to step on the main stage of TEDx Panaji 2019 on April 28. Most people fancy the opportunity of standing and speaking on the red circle of a TEDx event as a speaker. However, the chances of getting selected as a speaker of the main event are few and far. The Unplugged event is open to aspirants who register for it online. Each speaker will be given five minutes to speak about his or her idea. This idea needs to be submitted during the registration process. The speakers are not allowed to use slides, multimedia, props etc. Aspiring speakers event will be judged by a panel of judges from TEDx, Panaji and three best ideas will be selected to be presented on 28th April. The selected ideas will also receive some tips and coaching by the TEDx Panaji team.

TEDx main on April 28 will have 14 speakers and 2 performing artiste groups and will be at Kala Academy.