A life dedicated to education

Educationist Russell Coutinho, who is all set to retire, has quietly left his mark as headmaster of Santa Cruz High School and has touched the hearts of many through his simple ways


Russell Coutinho, a humble educator, has quietly made a significant impact on countless lives through his dedication to education. Despite remaining in the background, his work has inspired many to strive for success.

The headmaster of Santa Cruz High School, Coutinho always prioritised his students, especially those with special needs, whom he affectionately referred to as ‘the gifted students’.

He travelled from his village in Navelim to different parts of Goa every day for 13 years, tirelessly working for the sake of good education.

Coutinho’s approach involved seeking solutions rather than dwelling on problems. He cared deeply for the welfare of his students and staff members, leaving no stone unturned to create a conducive learning environment. He believed in inclusive education and, in all fairness, met the requirements of his staff members and students. He attended two international exchange programmes on education in Sweden and Scotland to broaden his vision. He conducted educational tours for students within India and for his staff members not only within India but also on international tours to broaden their minds and widen their horizons. Recently, he facilitated a student’s learning of German as a third language, even arranging for tutors through the Indo-German Educational and Cultural Society.

He was also associated with the Archdiocese Board of Education as an executive member of the Goa Board and the Diocesan Society of Education.

In a candid conversation, Coutinho expressed his belief that success is not a final destination but a journey marked by resilience and courage. “I never missed an opportunity if my students could benefit from it, whether in academics, competitions, sports, field trips, or any activity meant for the all-round development of a child,” he said, adding that while he may be retiring from service at his workplace, his service to society will continue. “The time has come for me to give back what I received from society. Retirement is just a chapter completed and gives me access to venture into another page of my book of life.”