Goa in 12/ 24 hours – South Goa

If you’re in South Goa and you feel you’re going to miss out by not visiting the North, you are absolutely wrong! Here is an itinerary to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

A Great Morning…

Have a hearty breakfast at Beno, Benaulim, where they have turkey eggs, stuffed omelettes, fluffy pancakes, smoothies, croissant sandwiches and even breakfast platters!  If you want some delicious Indian and Goan items to munch on, head to Café Tato in Margao where they serve dosa, cutlets, bhaji, and much more.

Palolem Beach & Butterfly Beach 

Palolem Beach and Butterfly Beach are two beautiful beaches that are worth visiting. Butterfly Beach is named after the different butterfly species found in the area, while some visitors also claim that the beach itself has a butterfly shape. The beach is surrounded by trees and nestled in between them. Visitors have also reported spotting dolphins in the area.   

To reach Butterfly Beach, there are two ways. The easier way is to take a ferryboat from Palolem Beach. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some adventure, you can trek for almost 2 hours from Palolem to Butterfly Beach.

Cabo de Rama Fort

From within the Cabo De Rama fort, the uneven stone stairs will take you to one of the most stunning hidden beaches in South Goa. It’s a short trek consisting of 80-90 stairs and takes 10 minutes. The beach is covered by pebbles of different shapes and sizes, making this rocky beach a unique one. (verify and rewrite)

When the Portuguese took over the fort, they constructed military barracks, command posts, and officers’ quarters. They also equipped it with 21 canons and the embrasures to hold the same. They constructed a church within the walls of the fort. This church, dedicated to St. Anthony which is still in use today. When the fort was no longer useful as a military bastion, it was converted into a prison in 1935 and continued to be used in this capacity until 1955.  The buildings that were used as a prison are also reasonably habitable and are used as a government outpost, occasionally housing scientists and researchers from the National Institute of Oceanography.

(If you want to skip the fort, you can go  Kayaking at the gorgeous Cola beach instead)

Lunch Time!

Beach shack or restaurant with authentic Goan cuisine.

After a hearty lunch, immerse yourself in nature by visiting Goa’s Wildlife Sanctuaries where you’ll see a wide variety of flora and fauna or  Spice Plantations. `

(If you’re going on a trek through a trekking company, there is a high chance your organizers will arrange breakfast and lunch for you. At least half of your day will go for a proper trek. Don’t worry, that half day is worth it to witness Goa’s nature at its finest)


Have a peaceful evening exploring the sleepy Chandor village where it’s sort of like going back in time to the Portuguese era and even before the Portuguese era. It has historical heritage houses like the Menezes Braganza House, hills, fields, and the beautiful Kushavati River.

Another option is of course catching an epic sunset and what better place to see one than at a beach? Head to Agonda, Benaulim, or Cavelossim beaches and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore while watching the sky burst into different colours.

Night Time:

When a blanket of stars appears over the night sky, it’s time to have a delicious dinner for a fantastic end to the day. Here are a few options:

The Fisherman’s Wharf (Mobor) – If you want to taste what Goa is all about, this well-known place offers delicious local food of the state and incorporates Indian and Portuguese flavours. The cherry on top is its beautiful riverside view.

Pentagon (Majorda) – If you want to get a rich experience savouring classic seafood flavours in Goa, then this place is for you. This place has a classy, cozy ambience where you can relish Goan classics, sizzlers, and much more.

The Southern Deck (Benaulim) – What can beat the view of the sea while sampling delicious food? This restaurant is not too traditional but serves Indian and Goan food with a contemporary twist.