Backpackers Guide: Commuting in Goa

Goa is breathtakingly beautiful and commuting in Goa could be a hassle. GoGoaNow helps you out in picking a convenient way for you to travel within Goa.

Hire a bike:

Ride the day away in Goa by hiring a bike. Enjoying the view and passing through the fields on a bike is breathtakingly amazing. There are several places at which one can hire a bike across Goa. The standard price for bikes ranges from Rs. 300 per day and goes on depending on the type of bike.


A quick way to travel through the city’s hassle is to hire a pilot. ‘Pilots’ are bikes with a rider who takes you to a destination. The drawback of this is that only one person can sit on the pilot. The prices also are cheap as compared to other alternatives. ­The government has allotted the price of Rs. 5 for the first kilometer and 2.50 thereafter.


Rickshaws are another convenient way to travel in Goa. They can accommodate up to 3 people. The best place to catch a rickshaw is at the bus stop. It’s always better to ask the driver the fare before you hop on to the rickshaw. Opting for a rickshaw is better if you travel for short distances.


Ferries are free of cost is you’re traveling by foot or bike, but they do charge a fare if one is commuting by car. One can catch a ferry at any ferry point. The best thing about this ride is the view. The view is just beautiful and it also completes your commute soon. Ferry’s are open till late evenings for commuters daily.


One of the easiest ways to travel in Goa is through the bus. The local commuting buses are much cheaper and fall below Rs. 20. Buses are even accessible to the most remote areas. There are busses which hare state-operated and some which are privately owned. The government-owned buses fall under the ‘shuttle bus’ category which stops only at main cities with no stops in between. The local bus stops at different stops if in confusion, asking the conductor helps.

Lyann DSouza | NT GoaGoaNow