Disrupting masculinity at the workplace

‘Difficult Dialogues’ at the International Centre of Goa held a panel discussion on the topic ‘Disrupting masculinity at the workplace.’ The speakers were  Abhijit Das, Anand Pawar, Baroness Shreela Flather, Charu Anand, Jyotsana Habibullah, and Shivani Bhardwaj. The moderator was Shaila Desouza.  They all made powerful statements.

One of them said that our education system doesn’t really help women get jobs. They should be taught things like stitching or motorcycle repairing. Also, training is required in rural and urban areas. Charu Anand said, “People should invest in making sure that others can do what they’re asked to do.” Baroness Shreela believes that society will be changed when women are helped to realize that they can do something as many of them are brought up thinking that they’ve to depend on men.  Abhijit Das said, “I feel that men have a huge role to play wherever they are. Are men being gender equal in deeds or only in words?”

After the discussion, there was a Q/A session where the speakers gave insightful answers to the audience’s questions. Lastly, they gave policy recommendations. One of them was that there have to be more robust grievance mechanism systems. Shivani Bhardwaj said that gender audits in organizations and district planning should be mandatory. The rest of them also gave thoughtful recommendations.