12th edition of the D.D. Kosambi Festival of Ideas to start tomorrow

To boost ideas and provoke thoughts, the 12th edition of the D.D. Kosambi Festival of Ideas will be held at Kala Academy, Panaji, from 20th to 23rd January 2019. This festival was started by The Directorate of Art & Culture, Government of Goa, to honour Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi who was a historian, statistician, mathematician, and polymath who brought in the Kosambi’s map function to the world of genetics. At the event, there will be DVDs up for sale which contains the lectures of speakers in the previous editions of this festival. A live telecast of the lectures will be broadcasted on the local TV news channel and on the Directorate of Art and Culture website.

People at the D.D. Kosambi Festival of Ideas get to see well-known speakers who aim to inspire. This year the programme schedule is as follows:

  • 20th January 2019: Inauguration of the festival followed by Ms Malaika Vaz who’ll speak on “Making the case for the Lesser-Known.”
  • 21st January 2019: Talk by Dr Mickey Mehta on the topic “From Harlem to Harvard.”
  • 22nd January 2019: Talk by Mr Pralhad Kakar on the topic “Goa-Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.”
  • 23rd January 2019: Talk by Swami Smaranananda Giri on the topic “Leading a Balanced and Joyous Life through Yoga-Meditation.”


About the speakers:

Ms Malaika Vaz is a well-travelled person with an adventurous spirit. She is a wildlife presenter and a host for a popular series about endangered species on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.


Dr Mickey Mehta is a corporate life coach for many famous people and is a holistic health guru. He has been awarded as one of the most influential health exponents of the world.


Prahlad Kakar is an Advertising Film Director for Genesis Film Production, He has created many memorable ads for famous brands like Pepsi, Maggi, and Britannia.


Swami Smaranananda Giri is the Vice President of YogodaSatsanga Society of India. He got a Distinguished Alumnus Award from I.I.T. Kharagpur.