Students from St. Xavier’s learn how to face job interviews

The next step college students have to face in their lives is facing job interviews. It is very important for them to be prepared for this as it can enable them to get their dream job. These skills can be very beneficial later on in life.

At St. Xavier’s College, Ms Runa Menezes conducted an ‘Interview Facing Skills’ workshop for some final year students from different courses.  She is the founder of Speaking Studio which is a persona and skill development centre.  It was an interactive session where students took part in activities like sharing their concerns about interviews.

Ms Menezes used video clips to show the students how to answer certain interview questions. She spoke about the significance of body language and taught them about good/ bad posture, proper eye contact, how to give proper handshakes, and so on. The students also got other tips like researching the organization they want to join and what to wear on the day of the interview.