Owner of Nobert’s Fitness Studio speaks about fitness and life changes

Nobert D’souza, the owner of the Nobert’s Fitness Studio branches in Goa, talks about the changes in his life after the pandemic. “My earlier life was so busy. I didn’t have time to think about anything else,” Nobert says. He’s been a person who hasn’t lived without work and has come to realize that once the world comes out of this, people will have to restart many things in their lives.

He kept himself busy during the lockdown. They were sanitizing the gyms and putting certain protocols in place clinging on to the hope that gyms would be allowed to open. Nobert highlighted the importance of fitness especially during this time: “Exercising increases immunity and can help avoid the coronavirus. It also reduces stress.” Those who worked out at Nobert’s Fitness Studio were taught exercises that they could do even without equipment.

He looks forward to his gyms opening again. A lot of his projects had to be put on hold. Nobert has been reflecting a lot these days. “We should’ve saved instead of investing and re-investing. Money was rolling out instead of getting saved. This situation was unexpected,” he says.

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Picture Credit – SHIVANG MISHRA |  Nt GoGoaNow

Interior Of Nobert’s Gym
Owner of Nobert’s Gym Mr.Nobert D’souza
Norbert’s Fitness Studio