International Kite Festival 2018

Miramar beach is a beauty by itself with sparkling waters, gentle waves, and patches of trees. The kite festival, however, added another dimension to the serene beauty of the beach. The clear blue sky had pops of colour due to the numerous kites of different shapes and sizes flying high. Seeing various kites shaped like Superman, a cat, and a parachute was entrancing.

Different people from around the world come here to fly their kites. It’s nice to watch individuals and families try to get their kites to soar in the air. At night time, the scene is completely different. In addition to the twinkling stars, kites with lights brighten up the night sky. It reminds you of bioluminescent creatures moving smoothly in dark ocean waters. Music is played in the background which makes this event more memorable.

Pic Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM