Coconut prices touch a new peak

The most staple ingredient of the Goan cuisine, the coconut has seen a hike in its price. With this surge in price the consumers are refraining from buying the coconut and also have affected the business pattern of the vendors.

In the recent days the price of a medium sized coconut has shot up to Rs 40 and also goes high as Rs 50 for a slightly bigger size in comparison to the coconuts which were sold at Rs 30-35 previously. The rate of coconuts in the city markets starts as low as Rs 16 for a miniscule size and then into the 20’s and 30’s before going to the peak of Rs 40.

The same can be said of the tender coconut which was being sold for Rs.30 is now being sold for Rs 40. As Goa is a prominent tourist destination the tender coconut is consumed by the people regardless of the price. This in turn has seen people harvesting the coconut trees quite before the coconut becomes mature.

Since Goa being a small state and due to the over-powering visits of the tourists has led the vendors selling the tender coconuts/coconuts banking on the supply from neighboring cities and states such as; Karwar, Belgum, Hubli, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and others.