From Grandma’s Kitchen: Sannas

Sannas are like Goan rice cakes. They have a soft and spongy texture. There are also sweet versions of sannas. Sannas and sorpotel are one of the best combos in Goa. It can also be had with vindaloo and other gravies.



½ kg paddy rice

1 grated fresh coconut

½ litre toddy

Salt and sugar to taste



Soak the rice overnight. Coarsely grind it the next morning with the coconut and toddy. Then, remove it and mix with how much salt and sugar you want. The batter shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.

Cover it and let it ferment for about 4 hours till the batter rises up.

Heat a  steamer (Konkani word: komfro)  which has a strainer in a slot in the middle. Put little water at the bottom of the steamer.

In small stainless-steel plates (sanna plates),  pour the batter and put them on the strainer. Steam for 10-15 minutes. You can test with your finger to see if it’s cooked. Remove the plates where the batter is ready, put it upside down on a banana leaf, and cover it with a wet cloth till it cools. You’ll need at least 12 sanna plates.