From Grandma’s Kitchen: Pork Chilly Fry

Goans have their own style of chilly fry. It can be enjoyed with the Goan local bread (poee).


½ kg pork

5-6 garlic flakes

½ ginger piece

1 tsp turmeric powder

5 medium-sized onions (sliced)

2 medium-sized tomatoes (sliced)

Green chillies (according to your taste)

Dash of vinegar


Pound the garlic and ginger

Boil half kg pork with required salt and then cut into pieces.

Take the pork fat and heat it in a pan till it liquidizes. Cut the onions and cook it with the fat till brown.

Add the cut green chillies and the tomatoes and continue frying.  Then add the cut pork. Put salt.  Lastly, add little vinegar (according to your taste).