From Grandma’s Kitchen: Kailoreo with Jaggery Coconut Mix

Kailoreo (spelling varies) is like a Goan dosa. The following recipe is a sweet dish using Kailoreo. It is best eaten hot.


¼ kg Goa paddy rice

1 coconut

Goa jaggery or sugarcane jaggery


(For the Kailoreo)

Soak the rice overnight.

Grind the rice in a mixer with a little water. (The texture shouldn’t be very fine and the mixture shouldn’t be very watery.) Add salt and keep for half an hour.

Heat a non-stick pan which has a lid. Put a dollop of ghee. Pour in some of the batter and put the lid on. Remove when it’s ready and repeat the process till the batter gets over.


(For the coconut & jaggery mix)

Scrape the coconut and extract the thick milk. (To extract the thick milk, coarsely grind the coconut with some water. Then put the mixture on a strainer and let the milk come out.)

Bring it to a boil. (Don’t boil it too much otherwise it will curdle.)

Add the jaggery and then remove from the fire.

Put the Kailoreos in this mixture and enjoy hot.

Note: Kailoreos can be eaten plain or with savoury gravies like cafreal and vindaloo.