From Grandma’s Kitchen: Milk Toffee/ Milk Cream

Milk Toffee/ Milk Cream is a rich and somewhat fudgy Goan Christmas sweet. It requires a lot of stirring while preparing it.


1-litre milk

2½ cups of sugar

1 cup cashewnuts (ground to a fine powder)

1 tbsp butter


Boil the milk on low heat till it reduces to half of what it was.

Add the sugar and keep stirring until the milk becomes thicker.

Once the sugar dissolves put in the cashewnut powder.

(Make sure you don’t let the milk burn or stick to the pan’s bottom.)

Add butter and stir for 8-10 more minutes.

When it starts bubbling a bit, test some of the mixture by rolling it into a ball. If that happens then it’s ready.

Butter some silicone moulds and put the mixture in after it has cooled down.

After this, take the sweets out of the mould and leave it out to dry on a cloth or newspaper overnight. Store in an air-tight container.