Promotional songs of upcoming Konkani movie ‘Questao De Confusao’ released

Minister for Art and Culture, Govind Gaude said that there is a need to make an effort to promote the art of filmmaking in Goa. He was speaking during the release of promotional songs of upcoming Konkani movie ‘Questao De Confusao’ at the Directorate of Art and Culture, Panaji.

He said that the artistes of the film were earlier involved with theatre and have now moved to filmmaking; this not only shows their love for art but also their passion. “Though we may not have enough finance to make a film but Goans are rich in creativity. Films like these are a way to promote and showcase our creative side. This film is not only for entertainment purpose but is also an initiative to give people a different outlook towards life,” added Gaude.

A total of four promotional songs of the film were released. The team has made a Konkani kantar, dindi, rap and a parody of famous Marathi tracks. The music has been composed by Sindhuraj Kamat, while lyrics for three songs have been written by Rajdeep Naik. Amit Naik has written the lyrics of rap song. Diptesh Kuttikar, Priyanka Raikar and Amit Naik are the singers of the four songs.

“All promotional songs will be played from Chaturthi till the movie releases in over 70 Sarvajanik Ganesh mandals and many other public places,” said lead actor, Rajdeep Naik.

He mentioned that the premier of the film will be on September 23 and from September 28 it will be released across theatres in Goa including, Ravindra Bhavan, Rajiv Kala Mandir and other places.


Pic Credit- Hemant Parab