When a Literature student practices social distancing…

“When you read, it’s like you travel even though you’re stuck at home. Imagination is such a great thing. I advise people to read during this time,” says Desiree D’souza - a final year M.A English student at Goa University. She shares with NT GoGoaNow about how she has been coping with the lockdown and social distancing.

Sheryl Gonsalves | NT GoGoaNow

Desiree knows that she won’t be a student for long and has to one day step out into the world get a professional job. Being at home for 2 months and not wanting to waste any more time she decided to take up a 1-month online course from Harvardx about Shakespeare as she admires his works. She has also been improving her cooking skills and exercising to remain fit. Desiree describes herself as an introvert and therefore doesn’t really get bored and finds a lot of things to do at home.

Reading has been one of her main activities. “The details in novels give vivid mental images. Reading can change a person’s mood. It can make a boring day at home fun. I especially like reading crime fiction and enjoy the suspense,” Desiree reveals. However, one thing that she doesn’t like is that she finds it hard to get inspiration. She says: “Going out and seeing things, talking to people, and listening to my professors’ ideas usually inspire me but now I don’t have all that.”  Desiree can’t wait to go out with her friends, spend time at the beach, go shopping, and eat at all the restaurants.

She’s had time to reflect on life during these days. She says, “We take so many things for granted like going out and hugging our friends. We humans think we’re so invincible but a small virus has changed that. We should enjoy the small things in life. All other creatures are thriving without us. We have exploited our planet without caring.”

Desiree feels that this is a great time to re-connect with people you haven’t been in touch with and especially those who are old or live alone. She lightheartedly adds that now people can’t make excuses that they’re too busy to talk.