A guide to achieving your dreams

Author Roque Quadros’ new book, ‘The Day I Lost’, delves into the world of event management and uncovers the real meaning of success.


Roque Quadros has been in the entertainment and events industry for over three decades. He also leads the Rockys Martial Arts Academy where he teaches Japanese karate and fitness, with his primary aim being to encourage fitness and good health.

Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to write ‘The Day I Lost’?

Through this book, I invite you into my world as an event management entrepreneur. It spills the beans on my journey from having zero in my pocket to kick-starting a business in Dubai. I’ll share the early challenges, unexpected turns, and the careful planning that brought my dreams to life. I take readers backstage into the dynamic event planning scene. But it’s not just about events; it’s a ride through life’s lessons, offering universal insights applicable beyond the event industry. Alongside, I also share key lessons for a balanced and meaningful life.

And then there’s ‘The Day I Lost’ – a moment that transformed everything. As you read, you’ll find out why this day was a game-changer for me. It pushed me to reflect, transform, and understand the journey of life in a whole new way.


Could you share some key takeaways that readers can expect from your book?

The book will give readers real-life advice on how to bounce back from tough times, and how to make dreams happen while also balancing your health and becoming a stronger person.


Is this book targeted at a specific audience?

If you’re dreaming of a career in event management, this book is like a backstage pass, giving you insights and advice from someone who’s been there, done that. If you’re a student interested in making events your hobby or considering event planning, this book is like a mentor. If you want to stand out in your professional circle and add value to your profile, this book is like a career coach, offering insights on how event management skills can set you apart. For anyone who loves putting together fantastic events, from house parties to social gatherings, this book is like a creativity booster, offering tips and stories to make your events truly wow-worthy.


In what ways do you believe your book stands out from other motivational books in the market?

First off, it’s not your typical success guide. It’s a personal story stitched together with real-life experiences, making it relatable and genuine.

Secondly, the book goes beyond just talking about professional success. It delves into the details of life lessons learned through events, providing a unique perspective on transforming setbacks into stepping stones.

Additionally, the book goes beyond motivation by providing practical tips and advice, especially for those aspiring to enter the field of event management.


Can you share any specific strategies from ‘The Day I Lost’ that readers can implement to improve their time management skills?

The book draws an analogy between time and sea tides, emphasising the irreversible nature of its flow. It advocates valuing each moment. The approach of treating time like money, with strategies like prioritising tasks and setting deadlines, leads to improved productivity, better life quality, stress reduction, sound decision-making, satisfied clients, financial success, and enhanced teamwork. Plus, the book stresses the significance of instilling time management skills from a young age.


How does your book address the challenges that individuals may face when pursuing their dreams?

‘The Day I Lost’ doesn’t hide the tough parts of pursuing dreams. Dealing with the unknown is a key theme as is learning from mistakes. While encouraging ambitious dreaming, the book emphasises the importance of realism, i.e. setting achievable goals, managing expectations, and adapting plans as needed. It addresses handling fear and self-doubt, promoting strategies for overcoming inner struggles and maintaining a positive mindset.

The book highlights the significance of not going through challenges alone. It acknowledges that it’s okay to seek support from mentors, friends, and family who believe in your dreams. Flexibility is also a key theme. Life can bring unexpected changes, and the book shares stories about adapting to these changes while staying on the path toward your dreams.


What research or expertise did you draw upon when writing ‘The Day I Lost’?

Starting my journey in event management and sharing insights in ‘The Day I Lost’ came from a simple question: How did the first person learn to fly? This led to my practical Traffic Signal Formula-Red (Stop), Yellow (Think), and Green (Action). It helps me break down tasks and make informed decisions.

In 1997, when I started my entertainment business in Dubai, “event management” wasn’t well-known; we were party planners. The book blends practicality and innovation, shaped by my belief in learning by doing.


Do you guide individuals who may be struggling to balance their personal and professional lives?

I am always happy to offer guidance to those facing challenges. In addition, I’m developing special workshops at my studio called Event Management and Lifestyle. These full-day sessions aim to provide a wealth of valuable information in a condensed time frame.

Moreover, for those who purchase my book, I’ve introduced a special offering called ‘Elevate Your Book Purchase with a Personalised Consultation’. Readers are encouraged to call me directly for a one-on-one discussion.