From Grandma’s Kitchen: Patoleo

Paloleo harnesses the flavour of turmeric leaves. Ground rice is spread on the leaves and filled with a coconut jaggery mix. It is then steamed which transfers the lovely haldi flavour onto the rice.


½ kg Goa paddy rice

1 coconut (scraped)

Goa jaggery or sugarcane jaggery / 100 gms gram dal

Turmeric leaves


Soak the rice overnight. Grind it the next day till it becomes a fine paste. (Don’t add too much water while grinding as the batter should be thick.)

Take the scraped coconut and add to it the Goa black jaggery or sugarcane jaggery. Or you can use gram dal, coconut, and jaggery.

Wash and dry some turmeric leaves. Apply the thick rice paste to the leaves. Then put some coconut jaggery mixture on the rice paste.

Fold the leaves and press the edges. Steam those leaves till the leaves turn brownish in colour.

Cool and serve.