From Grandma’s Kitchen: Mango Miscut

Tangy and delightful


10 correl mangoes (washed and cut into square bits and put for pressing with salt the previous day). {Pressing entails keeping the mangoes in a colander with a weight on top and a vessel at the bottom so that the water from the pressed mangoes collects in the bottom vessel).

2 tsp methi

6 grams hing/ asafoetida

4 tsp mustard seeds

1½ tsp black pepper

1 tbsp of coarse salt

3 tsp sugar

1½ tsp turmeric powder

100 grams chilli powder (preferably small chillies) (mussoreo red chillies) 


Boil the water that comes out when the mangoes are pressed. Let it cool and keep aside.

Take half of the mustard seeds, methi seeds,  pepper, and dry roast them. (Each of them has to be dry roasted separately). After roasting, mix them all together.

In a vessel, take half cup oil and put in the hing. When the hing is browned, remove it. Then in the same oil mix in the chilli powder and turmeric powder.

Put mango pieces in a vessel and apply the sugar to it along with the oil mixed with chilli powder and turmeric powder.

The other half of the mustard, methi, and pepper should be coarsely ground along with the previously roasted ingredients and also the browned hing. Apply this mixture to the mango pieces.

Heat more oil in the same vessel and let it cool (this oil is to be poured into the mango mixture when bottled in a jar for preservation purpose).

Before putting the pickle in a jar, roast and grind an extra ½ tsp methi seeds and put it in the jar. Then put in half the mango water that you boiled.  Then add the mango pieces.  After this put the oil inside until it covers all the pickle pieces.

The pickle can be eaten after 24 hours.