Equity in Urbanisation

The Charles Correa Foundation (CCF) an initiative of architect and urban planner Charles Correa will host the third edition of the Z-AXIS conference. The 2018 edition of the architectural conference will focus on ‘Designing Equitable Cities’ and will be held from September 6 to 8 at Kala Academy -Goa.

The conference aims to propagate the idea of equity rather than equality, as far as the urbanisation and planning is concerned. This is in tandem with what Charles Correa had said of the ‘city’ : ‘we must of necessity examine the entire system we call ‘city’ and try to identify those living patterns and lifestyles which are optimal in their totality – including roads, services, schools, transportation systems, social facilities and of course, the housing units themselves.’

The conference aims at an analysis of equity, how it can be maintained and how it has been affected due to sociological, economic, political and cultural hierarchies. The speakers will throw light on the various interventions that try and address the problems at hand.

“The topic is very relevant for the Indian subcontinent, as it highlights the subliminal problem of equity, how it manifests itself and how they have been dealt with in a diverse landscape all over the globe by practitioners from diverse fields of work,” says director of the Foundation and architect Nondita Correa Mehrotra.

The conference aims to attract students, institutes, government officials and professionals from fields ranging from architecture, urban planning, law and order, policy and transportation. There will be a series of lectures, screening of films and panel discussions aimed at educating the delegates about the relevance of equitability in our cities in a hope that the seemingly invisible problem is brought to the centre and help discuss viable solutions, based on examples provided by the speakers.