Get loopy with Crochet !

Crochet is a delicate craft in which a hook is used to loop wool or thread and continue it with stitch after stitch until the desired product is completed. It has its own place in every Goan household. This can be realized by the fact that every bride brings with her crochet items as a part of ‘dennem’ to her in-laws’ place. The craft of crochet came to Goa with the arrival of the nuns and missionaries in the 15th century and from has been passed on from one generation to other.

It is time-consuming but the end result is an elegant, delicate, soft piece of work. This craft empowers housewives in Goa. Crochet is used to create many items like blankets, blouses, coats, caps, socks, gloves, tablecloth, purses, and much more. It is a refreshing alternative to machine-made products.



Pic credit: Shivang Mishra | NT GOGOANOW