Phoenix Art Exhibition- Colours, textures, and dimensions

Museum of Goa is currently having an art exhibition titled is ‘Phoenix’.  Three reputed artists - Genie Poretzky Lee, Sweety Joshi, and Sanjay Sawant- are the ones responsible for the creative works displayed. The artists are from different backgrounds and they have their own unique style.

Genie Poretzky Lee’s works have been exhibited around the world. She has a decade of experience as a textile artist.  Sweeti Joshi is a well-known abstract artist. She loves the pitch black colour of kohl. She has used black thread to create a trail in her art. The black frill edges are achieved through her brush that is fire.  Sanjay Sawant uses textures that may be of cardboard which adds a new dimension to the painting. He graduated with a first class rank from J J School of Art, Mumbai. The final artistic treat of the Phoenix exhibition is a collaborative artwork by all the 3 artists. Its intention is to embrace the unexpected and get away from frozen accepted ideas.

(The exhibition will be open till 28th February 2019.)

Pics Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM