Celebrating the life of St Ketevan

The Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, which will be held from February 21 across places in Old Goa, combines sacred music traditions from different eras from the East and the West inspired by the life of St Ketevan, Queen of Georgia. The relics of St Ketevan were brought from the Middle East to Old Goa, which were found a few years ago after being buried for almost 400 years.

The Ketevan world Sacred Music Festival is a project of music and religious coexistence, connecting and fostering dialogue among cultures.

Ketevan Sacred Music Festival offers concerts, workshops and conferences with artists from several traditions around the world: Western Classical, Carnatic, Orthodox Christian, Catholic, Sufi, Hindustani, Jewish, Native and many others.

This edition of the Ketevan Sacred Music Festival will include programmes such as “Spiritualia” by the Italian jazz violinist Luca Ciarla as well as new programmes designed especially for the festival, such as ‘Bach’s Dreams’ and ‘20th Century Sounds’ directed by UK-based Indian conductor Manvinder Rattan; combining ancient sacred chants from all eras and traditions.

From Milan, distinguished soprano Natalia Lemercier will perform as a soloist in the two biggest concerts of the festival. The oratory ‘Passion Landscapes’, written for the occasion, will be premiered at the festival and conducted by the composer and artistic director himself, Maestro Santiago Lusardi Girelli from Argentina and also performed by the GUC. The Ketevan will also count with the participation of dhrupad singer Pandit Ritwik Sanyal, from Benares; the awarded youth male choir from the UK, the king’s barbers; the santoor player Jonathan Voyer and dancer Gautam Nima.

The Goa University Choir, in collaboration with renowned artists from France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Germany, UK, Italy, Georgia, and India, will perform the ‘Misatango’ by the Carnegie Hall Resident Composer 2018, Martin Palmeri. This will be the closing concert of the 4th edition of the festival.

A curtain raiser organised by sponsor Indy hotels and resorts and the Italian institute of culture (Mumbai) will be held on February 16 at O Pescador, Dona Paula. Entry is by invite only.


Date: Thursday, February 21 Venue: St. Monica

Time: 07: 00 PM – “Xx Soundscapes” “Bach Cantata” -Manvinder Rattan (Uk) and Lux Vocalis Ensemble(India-Portugal-Italy-Netherlands)

Time: 07: 40 PM – King Barbers Choir (UK) Peter North – Conductor


Date: Friday, February 22  Venue: Our Lady of the Rosary

Time: 07: 00 PM –“Pace E Benne – St Francis of Assis Prayers – Druphad Chant and Choral Music”- PanditRitwikSanyal (Benares) & GoaUniversity Choir

Time: 07: 40 PM –“Passion Landscapes – Passio Secundum Marcum” – Goa University Choir, VydiaSha, King Barbers and Ketevan Ensemble


Date: Saturday, Februaru 23  Venue: St. Augustine Ruins

Time: 06: 30 PM – Jonathan Voyer – Santoor (Canada)

Time: 06: 45 PM – “Tango & Flamenco Dreams” – Ignacio Monteverde& Dario Polonara (Argentina)

Time: 07: 45 PM – VidyaShah & Ensemble (New Delhi)


Date: Sunday, February 24 Venue:  St. Francis of Assisi Church

Time: 06: 00 PM – The Misatango – GU Choir & Bangalore Men & Tango Ensemble (Santiago LusardiGirelli / Natalia Lemercier / Leo Rossi / Parvesh Java / Dario Polonara)

Time: 07: 00 PM- Ektal Children Choir (Goa)

Time: 07: 30 PM- “Sounds from St. Ketevan Lands”- Georgian Choir Ensemble


(The donation passes for the festival will be available at Furtado’s in Panjim and Margao from February 15.)