Teacher-student bonds that shape lives

With Teachers’ Day around the corner, a few youngsters tell NT KURIOCITY which teacher or teachers have had a significant impact on their personal growth and why


As another Teachers Day (September 5) draws close, it is a perfect time to reflect on cherished memories and impactful instances that underscore the profound influence teachers have on their students. From life lessons in the classroom and heart-warming interactions beyond textbooks, NT KURIOCITY highlights the enduring teacher-student relationships that leave an indelible mark.


“During my college days at Don Bosco College, Panaji, I gained more exposure to extra-curricular activities because the teachers were so supportive and always pushed us to do something new! One such professor was Ma’am Avril Antao. Not only did she teach us from books and syllabus but she taught us life lessons which I will remember for the rest of my life. She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. One such incident was a college event that led me to take responsibility, be accountable, and learn from my mistakes.”

– Lilly Dias, sales and marketing, Panaji


“The turning point in my life was when I participated in a patriotic singing competition recently on August 15 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, and Bal Bhavan, Panaji. This was my first-ever performance for our school. During the song preparation, each and every teacher made sure that we gave our best, be it in costume, stance, presentation, and above all the voice and music. I would like to especially mention our headmaster Anant Agni, who was with us right from song selection to the day of the performance. His presence on the occasion gave us a lot of moral boost and strength to deliver our best on the stage. And we won first place at district level and third prize at the state level.”

-Eesha Bhushan Shirwaikar, Ravindra Kelekar Dyanmandir, Margao


The teacher who has influenced me and set me on the path of life that I am on today is teacher Olga Vaz, who taught me in Class 2B at Vidya Vikas Academy back in 2014-15. She nurtured my habit of reading which has helped me in becoming a blogger today. She would gracefully correct me and not shame me for the skills I failed to learn before I met her, for instance, the way I would write the letter ‘f’. She also gave me the confidence to speak up in class. No amount of gratitude would be enough to repay the positive impact she has had on me.”

-Dwinnie Fernandes, blogger and student of Loyola Higher Secondary, Navelim


“Starting from my home itself, my mother has been my greatest teacher and always taught me the importance of discipline. Coming to academics, I was lucky to have great teachers, who taught me good values along with my studies. Teachers like Helen Martin, Sandhya Pai, Aparna Chari, Jayesh Nayak, Ketan Sardesai, Shripad Chari, Prakash Desai, Raya Korgaonkar, Dr. Sudhanshu Kulkarni, and many others have not only made me a better person but also made me realise my purpose in life and my work for humanity.”

-Medhaj Vishwanath Dempo, student of Goa College of Music, Altinho


“They say teachers shape minds and inspire endless possibilities and Dr. Rafael Fernandes was one such professor who I encountered during my post-graduation days at Goa University. Be it at understanding literature concepts or explaining to us the complicated ordinances of university – I would say he was a polymath. Sometimes he used to go out of the way to help us. One such instance was during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Rafael was teaching us a paper called ‘Traditions and Conventions’ which required us to refer to a novel – ‘The King of Liars’ by Larry David Peltz. The only way to access that book was to visit the university library and with COVID-19 hovering over us, Dr. Rafael, who was travelling to South Goa from the North, lent his personal copy to me at Raia. Apart from this, there are various instances where he was not just a teacher to us but also a father figure.”

-Austin Dias, assistant professor, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao


“One of the teachers who left a positive impact on me is Br Anish John. He became the headmaster of my school Regina Mundi High School, Chicalim in 2010, when I was in Class 8. Br Anish was the reason I honed my skills in public speaking which ultimately led me to become the best orator in Mormugao taluka in an annual all taluka inter-school competition. Two messages that Br Anish gave me that have stayed with me – ‘Don’t just teach but touch lives’ and ‘Work hard in silence and let your success speak for itself’.”

-Agnes Pinto, program support officer, Vasco