Sabreena Shah talks from the heart

In a bid to bring to the fore, ordinary individuals and their extraordinary stories and achievements, The Navhind Times organized a talk with body positive campaigner, Sabreena Shah who shared her amazing story of her trials and tribulations of living with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) and overcoming the same.

Sabreena began with a brief introduction about herself and recounted the onset of the disorder at age 15. She narrated how the first panic attack made her realize something was amiss. From the initial misdiagnosis to learning about the condition, she spoke from her heart. “When the doctor finally diagnosed I had PCOD, I was clueless about the disorder. I was terrified and thought I was going to die since I had never heard of it. There wasn’t much information about it then,” she said and went on to explain about the disorder and syndrome through a PowerPoint presentation. From the symptoms to the treatment, she spoke knowledgeably from her personal experience and in-depth study.

She then spoke about the humiliation and ridicule she faced as a bearded girl and said,” It was extremely traumatic. The stares, the whispers, the grins and laughs were often just too much. There were days, I did not even want to get out of bed and meet people, all I wanted to do was die.” Her harrowing story of battling clinical depression had the audience listening with rapt attention.

From suicidal tendencies and hitting rock bottom to the gradual climb up, she spoke about the struggle and how every day is a new day now. Encouraging the audience, which had men and women in equal number, she said, “Today I wear my beard like a jewel more confidence than ever and want to tell all the ladies who have PCOD/PCOS, that it is not the end of the world. No one can tell you how to look. You don’t have to fit into any category made by society. This is your life and your body, so be you, not what society thinks is ideal.”

In the final part of the talk, Sabreena answered questions and doubts of the audience.  


It was an amazing talk and I look forward to many more like this. Keep it up Navhind Times!

Ruchita Shirodkar

The talk was informative and really good.

Urvashi Palyekar

It was a good awareness session and this awareness should spread on various platforms.

Shanker A L

A good speaker, Sabreena definitely has made an impact on society.

Pavankumar Banerjee

An excellent talk. Sabreena shared her story confidently and how important it is to accept yourself as you are.

Pearl Fernandes

Informative session.

Syed A

Thanks Navhind Times and Sabreena for an absolutely amazing talk. I feel more positive now. Sabreena you are a beautiful and brave woman.

Sania Umaimat

Very helpful.

Elwynne Dancho

Sabreena you are an awesome person!

Brenda Velho

It was a very good motivational talk and will help many women.

Varsha M

An amazing session and I hope this awareness spreads.

Sayli Mahale

Very enlightening topic that was not discussed before.

Judith da Costa

Hats off to Navhind Times. God bless you all.


A superb awareness talk. I would recommend this be taken to schools and colleges as well.


A very useful talk for everyone.

K Thilipkumar

Thanks Navhind Times for an extremely informative and interactive session.

Pallavi Thomke

It was a beautiful and enjoyable session. Truly straight from the heart. A Sunday well spent.

Sarita and Nupur Roy

Congratulations to a hero! Sabreena’s testimony couldn’t have been more ‘from the heart.’ Her journey for helping others through her own experience is a learning for how we can reach out to others who need help.

Zina Varugis

Navhind Times and Sabreena, a big thank you.

Geeta Mangeshkar

A very fruitful session. Looking forward to many more.

Valerie R

I too have PCOD and this talk gave me knowledge how to live with it. Thanks so much.

Francesca Soares

I learnt a lot, thank you.

Alina Pinto

Keep it up! Bravo!


Good initiative by NT with an excellent approach to such a relevant topic. Keep up the good work.

Rupesh Pangam


Pics Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW