Opening new avenues in the sky for Goan youth

Aviation Business & Career Leadership (ABCL) Institute in collaboration with Dempo College has introduced varied aviation courses to create job opportunities in the booming aviation sector for young Goans

In a joint venture between Aviation Business & Career (ABCL) Leadership Institute, and Dempo College of Commerce & Economics, Cujira, an agreement has been established to offer various airline courses, including airline commercial management, flight operations management, airline flight attendants, commercial pilots, aviation law, aviation medicine, airline sales and marketing, etc.

The collaboration aims to fulfil the vision of Goa as an educational hub. The MoU was signed on July 21, 2023, in the presence of chairman of Dempo Group of Companies Shrinivas V. Dempo and principal and professor Manoj Kamat.

The first batch of 12 students completed the airline commercial management course on January 6, 2024, receiving certificates of merit. The second batch for flight operations management has commenced wherein two girl students (ST and OBC respectively) are being trained for the pilots’ course, and the third batch for airline flight attendants has also begun.

“With airline floodgates opened after Air India’s decision to induct 470 Boeing and Airbus airplanes, and IndiGo purchasing around 500 airplanes, it’s no head-scratcher that job opportunities will be abundant for Goan youth in both these airlines. In fact, one may even envisage the attractive salaries attached (which no other profession initially offers) for an aviation career, whether in India or abroad,” said Caption Bob, ABCL. He has proposed to Dempo’s to establish an international standard aviation college, whereby all the 31 aviation courses can be conducted under one roof. He has also requested Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who desires to make Goa an education hub, to start a flying training institution of repute.

He added that ABCL’s message to all parents is, “You needn’t send your child overseas; the sky has fully opened in this part of the world as well. So, fly high.”

This new venture with Dempo College welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, including SC, ST, OBC, economically weaker sections, and minority communities, offering affordable fees. Likewise, they strongly encourage the physically challenged youth to come forward and avail this opportunity in aviation. The international standard airline courses are affiliated with a US airline institute, and the initiative aims to introduce aviation to young minds through aeromodelling workshops. ABCL encourages Goan youth to explore the diverse opportunities in the aviation industry, offering free airline counselling sessions at Dempo College of Commerce & Economics, Cujira.

Apart from this, they have offered to conduct additional free English classes at Dempo College for students who lack confidence in speaking English. In fact, a few students who have completed the ACMc, along with other students, have come forward and expressed a desire to enhance their English/aviation skills, especially since they are now aware that the majority of airlines require candidates with good speaking skills.