A moving tribute to Sridevi

On the occasion of the National Award winning film festival to be held at Maquinez Palace from May 25 to June 7, a special car designed by Pune based Paridhi Bhati, Bhavana Varma, Tonu Sojatia, will be on display at Entertainment Society of Goa venue. It is a very unique and eye-catching car since its exterior is designed as a full-fledged ‘moving tribute’ to their idol Sridevi, who passed away in February.

Working as social media PR with the National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Sojatia, along with her two friends, even designed a special logo incorporating an image of Sridevi – ‘Flying BhaToPa’, which the Kapoors admired. The ‘Flying BhaToPa’ participated in the Times Women’s Drive, an all-women safari in which female drivers from all over India drove to Goa on April 29. The three drove a return distance of 1,250 km on the Pune-Goa-Pune route over three days of the exclusive all-women safari.

The Sridevi theme shows various moods of Sridevi – love, anger, innocence, and dance – with corresponding images from some of her most well-known films in Hindi and south Indian languages, including ‘Lamhe’, ‘Chandni’. The car tribute covers Sridevi’s entire film journey from the age of 3 to her last film “Mom”, with its shattering dialogue – “Iss desh me rape to kar sakte hai, lekin rapist ko thappad nahi maar sakte” – “Stop blaming the victim. NO means NO.”

(This car will be there for display for 3 days at ESG from May 25 to 27.)

Pic Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM