Into the mind of Kamlakar Naik- An Indian Classical Music Vocalist

Kamlakar Naik is a kind-hearted man who is an Indian classical music vocalist. His style is Khayal singing and belongs to the Agra style of music. He has performed in many places and music conferences like Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar Smriti Sangeet Samaroh, Sawai Gandharv, and Sangeet Samorah. 

Naik says that nowadays in Goa, people lean more towards light classical music or Western & Indian classical music fusions.  He says: “I’m not interested in music fusions. I concentrate on pure classical music which I received from my gurus.” Some of his gurus were Ratnakantji Ramnathkar, Pt. V.R Athavaleji, and Jitendra Abhishekiji.

He’s been involved in classical music for approximately 50 years. Kamlakar feels that Indian classical music has definitely changed in Goa and India over the years as each artist has his own imagination and capacity and makes his contribution to the classical music industry which changes the music.

“I enjoy performing. I am totally involved in the performance. I always think that every performance is an examination for me,” Naik enthusiastically states. He continues,“ One must also learn the theory of music apart from practical. There are theoretical rules for presenting melodies. One melody can be performed even for 60 minutes or more.” He has concentrated on teaching the budding artists of the younger generation.

He is of the opinion that Indian classical music will never die out in Goa due to its rich roots and because it is the basic for other music forms. In the end, he says, “Even if you don’t have a gifted voice but you have determination, you can be a good classical singer for which you need to have the desire and be ready to struggle”.