From Grandma’s Kitchen: Mince

Goan mince is usually beautifully spiced. You can use any type of mince – lamb, pork, chicken, and beef.



½ kg mince

½ kg onions

2-inch ginger piece (chopped)

12 garlic flakes

4 green chillies (chopped)

1 tsp turmeric

¼ tsp chilly powder

½ tsp ground cumin

½ tsp ground pepper

1 tomato (chopped)

A bunch of mint leaves

A bunch of coriander leaves


In some ghee, fry half the onions till they become brown. Then add the garlic, ginger, and chillies.

After that, put in the mince along with the turmeric, cumin powder, chilly powder, and pepper powder. Stir.

Add the tomato, mint, coriander, some salt, and water. Cook till it dries.

Put the remaining onions in and cook till the mince is dry.