GIM organises ‘Sustainable Expedition’

The students and faculty of the Goa Institute of Management (GIM), Sanquelim, recently organised a ‘Sustainable Expedition’, an educational walk through campus, in order to spread awareness about the various sustainable initiatives undertaken on the campus related to energy, water, waste, and biodiversity. GIM has always been conscious of the impact of its decisions on the ecosystem around it and has continuously strived to reduce its carbon footprint. Along with measures like rainwater harvesting, solar-powered street lamps, treatment of water for reuse, tree plantation drives, and more, the institute has expressed its commitment to this philosophy through its mission statement which talks about sustainable business and inclusive society for India and the world.

The GIM campus has also gained global recognition for the several path-breaking sustainability measures taken by the institute, in collaboration with the students, to meet the UN sustainable development goals.

Chair of Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development (CESD), associate professor at GIM, Arpita Amarnani says, “Initially, we focused on documenting the existing biodiversity on the campus with the help of the Goa State Biodiversity Board and other local experts in the field. This year, we plan to focus on developing awareness and creating a plan to not just manage, but increase the biodiversity on the campus.”

According to GIM director Ajit Parulekar, higher education institutes can play a significant role in the green transformation of all human activity and contribute towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

He says, “Over the last couple of years, we have taken initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint significantly, and installing solar roof-top panels is one of them. We are very proud that over the last year, we have generated more than one million units of power using renewable energy, which accounts for around 40 percent of our consumption.”

On World Environment Day, June 5, the institute also organised an interactive session on the environment, focused on reptiles, particularly snakes, through awareness-cum-demonstration by wildlife rescuer Charan Desai. He also advised about precautionary measures which need to be taken in order to avoid encountering snakes and suggested measures to be adopted in the event of a snake bite.

The snake show was specially organised this year, in order to wean students and faculty from their fear of reptiles, apart from creating awareness about the importance of snakes to habitat and the environment.

A team of 10 Forest Department officials headed by range forest officer Sangam Desai also interacted with the students and shared tips on sustainability, while later disbursing saplings to the faculty and staff.