Samrat Club of Margao is organising a dance and yoga retreat ‘Suyog’ on September 25 and September 26 at Raut Farm, Bicholim. The retreat will include sessions on health as well as entertainment activities plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A session by scientist, Padma Marwa titled ‘How to protect the body from the attacks of chronic ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and other stress-related problems’ and a motivational talk by Vishwanath Swar titled ‘Let’s change our attitudes’ will be held as part of the retreat. There will also be a talk titled ‘Is health the ultimate goal of life?’ by motivational speaker, Suraj Kaneker. Sessions on relaxation techniques, asanas and pranayam, Bharatnatyam, and more will also be held.  Details: 9284379347