Encounter problems and find solutions- Jaya Ramchandani

Jaya Ramchandani, an entrepreneur and science educator said that learning environment does not only encompass the space, ambiance and aesthetics that appeal to the senses but also the sublimity that extends beyond sensory perceptions. It is thus vital that our senses and their perceptions are clearly understood to engage them in a learning environment.

Ramchandani said this participating in the 11th edition of D.D Kosambi festival of ideas on February 14 at Kala Academy. She was speaking on the issue of ‘The paradox of learning in 21st century’.

She said that education is this era has various paradoxes and it’s up to the people to counter such paradoxes by responding to them in an intelligent manner. She also said that, in a country like India the model of education is adjudged based on ones success or failure ratio.

Elaborating on the education models of various eras, Ramchandani said that, the 1960’s model was based on a concept of behaviorism, where the learner was passive and was subjected to rewards and punishments.

The 70’s model was based on cognitivism, which emphasized human cognition or intelligence as a special donation enabling man to form hypotheses and develop intellectually, such as learning through mind maps and other such techniques.

The 80’s model focused more on practical situations where the learner learnt from personal experiences. The 90’s model was based on connectivism, which emphasizes the role of social and cultural context in how and where learning occurs and the learner learns from the outcome produced.

Ramchandani said that for an individual to succeed he should build certain set of skills, understand the critical concepts and multiple thoughts that helps one to increase self awareness.


Pic Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM