Empowering dreams: Industrial visits to be held for special students

The Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities and the Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera have initiated a collaborative effort to organise industrial field visits for students of various special schools in Goa. This initiative aims to provide over 3,500 students with opportunities to explore real-life industrial settings and is being done under the guidance of Rotary Club president Danzil Xavier, and project coordinator Tanvi Doshi Sawant.

The state commissioner for persons with disabilities Guruprasad Pawaskar says, “This collaboration is a novel idea to help channelise life ahead for students from special schools. It will give them a great opportunity to understand their potential and build on it as creating an inclusive society is the larger aim. Through such interfaces, a lot of positive change and a planned pathway can be worked on.”

Pawaskar further says that industrial visits have long been recognised as an effective way to broaden horizons and enrich learning experiences for students. “For children with special needs, including those with autism spectrum disorder, such visits offer unique benefits. The exposure to diverse industries, processes, and technologies can significantly enhance their understanding of the world around them,” he says, adding that one of the key advantages of these visits lies in the sensory experiences they provide. “Many children with special needs thrive in environments that offer sensory stimuli. Industrial settings, with their array of sights, sounds, and even tactile experiences, contribute to the sensory development and integration of these young learners.”

Moreover, he says such visits play a pivotal role in exposing children to a wide range of career options and job roles within different industries. “By giving them first-hand experiences of various professions, these visits can spark interests and passions, potentially guiding their future career choices and aspirations. Through this exposure, students can envision a world of possibilities, instilling confidence and determination to pursue their dreams.”