Distill, Inspire, Experiment

Flagging off the day was the keynote session by Ross Jauncey, Head of Create with Google. Highlighting the ability of creativity to transform, Ross Jauncey said: “We have never seen a more amazing time to be in world creativity. Today, we need creative minds who can march into the unknown.”

He relayed the audiences with various campaigns such as Kupu by Colenso BBDO in New Zealand which was developed to connect with consumers using an interactive app. The app helps people learn TeReo Māori translations by exploring the objects around them. Jauncey further added: “creativity is a similar language across the world with ideas that are passionate and to that effect, your values are just as important as your product.”

Speaking about the six-second advertisement campaign titled ‘challenge accepted’ launched by Youtube to create the shorter version of ads. Jauncey said that “most of the agencies crafted films specifically to fit the ‘:06’ format—a format that YouTube recently began offering advertisers to help them capture attention in today’s mobile world.”

The filmmakers here emphasized simplicity, strong visual elements, fundamentals of good storytelling, and leaving some things up to the viewers’ imagination. So start with an image, a punchline, a feeling—and create something amazing added Jauncey.

He also shared a three-point checklist (distill– inspire– experiment) for brands “keep your advertisement relevant, don’t get complacent and focus on a big idea that will stand out.”