`When the Day Was Young’ – An Original Play

Sunaparanta in association with The Mustard Seed Art Company presents `When the Day Was Young’ – a short original play that shines a colourful spotlight on seniors who retire from active life. The play is set in an old aged home where there are conflicts between the residents and the management. The residents want the atmosphere like a home while the management wants it to be like an institute. The play is sprinkled with lighthearted moments. Isabel Vas, the director of the play, says, “We don’t treat our old people with respect.” She came up with the idea of the play when she visited some of these old aged homes and felt the need to convey a message to society through this play.

Date: 26th February 2018

Time: 6:45 pm, Duration- 1 hour

Venue: Sunaparanta Amphitheatre