Backpacking Guide: Beverages to try when in Goa

Goa is famous for its beaches and architecture. Backpacking through the city can be tiring and a beverage in hand will definitely help melt away all the tiredness! Try one of the most renowned Goan-made beverages during your getaway and sit back and unwind.


Feni liquor is an alcoholic drink produced in Goa. Feni has been here since the Portuguese rule and has been relished since. Over time Feni has been sold commercially and many local alcohol shops sell them. Speaking of varieties; Feni is famously sold in two varieties; Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni. The alcoholic content of Feni ranges from 42.8% to 45%. Feni undergoes a distillation process wherein the first step is to crush cashew apples into an earthen or copper pot along with other key ingredients. This copper pot is buried underground for the fermentation process. Over time the fermentation undergoes vaporization and distillation which then becomes alcohol.  One of the most famous brands selling Feni is the Big Boss Cashew Feni.


Urrak is known as the sister of Feni as Urrak undergoes the same distillation process. The only difference between them is that Urrak goes through just one distillation process whereas Feni goes through two or three. Urrak is best had during the summer season. Urrak, unlike Feni, is not sold commercially and the way to access this drink is through the local Goans! The shelf life of Urrak is very short and is usually prepared during the months of March to May. It is advised not to venture near the near or any breezy areas after consuming Urrak as it makes one’s head spin even more.


A major part of many cocktails, Armada is a Goan liquor brand that is infused with herbs and spices. The recipe for this liquor is a 100 years Old Portuguese recipe. This was introduced in the year 2012. This drink is said to contain no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. It is said to be a part of many Goan household celebrations and goes really well with many sweets.

Port Wine

Port wine is a sublime red wine which is one of the most famous wines in Goa. This wine was brought to Goa by the Portuguese as the Vinho do Porto (Port Wine). The Port Wine’s ingredients are produced only in the Douro Valley in the northern region of Portugal.  The versatile drink is best had during special functions and even a day with your loved ones.

Lyann D’Souza | NT GoGoaNow