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“This entire exhibition is a valiant effort by Vasant Datar, who has kept these currencies for posterity purpose. This valuable collection is a source of knowledge as it gives insights about those countries which are merged in the present world”, said the minister for archives and archeology, Vijay Sardessai while speaking at the inaugural of the currency exhibition.

“As a minister for archives and archeology, I will be taking the initiative to provide a permanent place for such exhibits and to provide tourists with good museums”, added Sardessai.

Speaking about his collection, numismatic, Vasant Datar said that, "this collective collection of currencies is a work of 50 years, Barring Panama I have visited almost all the countries. I even traveled to Pakistan to visit my maternal Grandfather (Babasaheb Gokhale), in this process I became the first and the last Indian to visit Pakistan through the Khyber region.”

While speaking about his treasures Datar also highlighted that, he also posses, a smallest 1 paise gold coin which is of the size of a grain and its cost is estimated around 7 crores. In addition to it, he also has the largest coin, minted of gold which weighs around 10 kgs, this coin was from the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and was called the 'Nazrana Coin' and was given a present to the ambassadors of the visiting kingdoms."

Also present for the occasion were chairman of Lokmanya multi-purpose cooperative society, Kiran Thakur and South Goa collector, Agnelo Fernandes.

(The exhibition is open till March 10 in the premises of Kala Academy, Panaji.)

Pics Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM