AI is the way to go

There is a huge demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts in the industry owing to growing desire by people for automation in every sphere of life

Abhishek S. Karmali

What comes to our mind when we think about Artificial Intelligence? The most obvious examples are of Siri, the virtual voice assistant on Apple devices, and Alexa which is the virtual voice assistant that drives Amazon devices. In more recent times, Chat-GPT is the most recognisable AI system that has revolutionised the way we use AI in our day-to-day lives. Chat-GPT is an open-source language model which generates human-like text responses to any questions posed to it.

The growth of AI, the recreation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and learn like humans, has been significant in the last decade. There is a growing demand for AI technologies across different sectors. The two major factors driving this growth are the advancements in AI-related technology and willingness of the industry to adopt AI because of the ever-increasing demand by consumers for automation in every sphere of their lives. This growth of AI has also led to a huge demand for AI experts in the industry.

Roles and responsibilities for AI expert

An AI expert is responsible for research and development of new algorithms, models, and techniques in the field which enable machines to learn, reason, and make decisions more efficiently. They collect, check, and process data to ensure its quality and suitability for training different AI models. They are constantly looking at business problems where AI applications can provide better solutions. They then build working AI models to address these problems which are tested before deploying into production. An AI expert needs to be extremely good in dealing with complex statistical analysis and algorithms. With the field evolving and changing at a fast pace an AI expert has to keep learning and keep himself or herself up to date with the latest trends and innovations.

Career opportunities and demand for AI expert

Some of the career profiles an AI expert can get into are scientist, computer engineer, data intelligence expert, and machine learning engineer. The demand and salary levels are quite high for an AI expert. Entry level salary for a fresher in this field is in the region of Rs.5 lakhs per annum on an average. With fast paced advancements, AI will dominate each and every sphere we as humans are connected with in the years to come. Use of AI in robotics and virtual reality will revolutionise industries like health care, finance, automobiles, and electronics. The future of AI is bright and the demand for AI experts will only grow.

Educational road map

Students who wish to pursue a career in AI should complete their HSSC in the science stream with maths as one of the subjects. This should be followed up with a BTech in computer science at the graduation level and an MTech in Artificial Intelligence at the post-graduation level ideally from one of the premier engineering colleges like the IITs. If students can’t get through to a top-notch engineering college, they could pursue a BSc in computer science followed by a MSc in artificial intelligence. In Goa, Goa University has started MSc in Artificial Intelligence which can be a great entry point for local students wanting to make a career in this field. Besides educational qualifications, it’s important to have expertise in open-source framework like Hadoop. Similarly, gaining proficiency in programming languages like R, Java, and Python will give an added advantage.

(The writer has a Ph.D and is a career counsellor, trainer and life coach at Career Crafters- Panaji. He has over two decades of experience dealing with students at the higher education level.)