Three Konkani books on River Saraswati released

“Water is life and without water, our existence would be very difficult,” said Governor of Goa, Mridula Sinha. She was speaking at the book release function of three books in Konkani – ‘Katha Saraswati’, ‘Nadi Saraswati’ and ‘Saraswati Nadi: Sod and Bodh’ in Panaji on Wednesday. Bhartiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti, Goa Pradesh released these three books that contain all the necessary information on the river Saraswati that existed in the past for all age groups. Sinha speaking about the Indian culture said: “Whenever there has been a time when we have started to forget our history there have been people who remind us about what we have forgotten. In this way, our history is still living although it has happened several years ago.” Sinha feels that whether the river is in her home state, Bihar or from Goa, the sole purpose of a river is to nourish and it has been doing it without anything in return.

Water has proved to be essential for life and hence industrialist, Shrinivas Dempo in his address said that we should not pollute our rivers. “Our ancestors treated the rivers as goddesses hoping that the generations to come will keep it clean considering it to be pure,” said Dempo. He added: “Today the world is battling against global warming and a major reason for this is the harm we have been causing to nature and our water bodies.” He said that people should know about this river that nourished thousands of people and these books will help in know more about it. “The next generation should undertake intensive research in understanding the topic and bringing more facts to light,” said Dempo.

Books are the ocean of knowledge but the culture of reading has seen a steep decline over the years said minister for urban development and law, Francis D’Souza. “People must take benefit of the content in these books. The translation has made it easier to understand and being in Konkani many people will know about this river,” he said adding that we should read and know about our history.

At the function, the Haribhau Vaze a representative of Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti was felicitated for his continuous guidance and support. Speaking at the function he said: “India has a good form of water resources in the form of rivers. The government should utilize these resources for the betterment of the public.”

The books have been translated to Konkani by Bhushan Bhave and Anant Kelkar and as a gesture of gratitude, they along with the typists were felicitated at the function. Bhave in his address said: “Rivers have played a significant role in shaping civilization across the globe. It is noteworthy that rivers in India have great cultural importance,” said Bhave. He added: “Rig-Veda and other Vedic literature speak volumes about River Saraswati as a great river, mother and goddess thus giving River Saraswati a divine status.” He also explained how River Saraswati dried up in and all the several stories, legends or myths that are attached to this phenomenon of drying of River Saraswati.

Also present for the event were IMB chairperson, Sanjay Harmalkar and member of Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Samiti, Varad Shabnis.