Historical walk for children at Old Goa

Museum of Christian Art, Old Goa, will be conducting a historical walk titled –‘A Walk in Time’ around Old Goa for the children above 8 years from April 9 to 14.

This is a unique walk that is designed like a voyage through the historic landscape of Goa, where the children will be able to explore rare and unseen sites like caves, rock excavations, ruins and secret vaults.

The children will also learn about various other aspects such as – history, art, architecture, geography, food, culture, mythology, iconography and various forms of civilizations.

In this interactive walk, the information will be imparted to the children’s through stories and observations and through activities like building, drawing, prop making, documenting, playing, writing and performing.

In the final phase the participants will be sharing their experience of this workshop with the public through a performance and an exhibition.

Schedule – Time 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Day 1 – Exploring Divar Caves, Saptakoteshwar Temple, Piedade Church

Day 2 – Old Goa Viceroy’s Arch, St. Catherine’s Chapel and St. Cajetan’s Church

Day 3 – Old Goa St. Augustine’s Monastery, Church of Santa Monica

Day 4 – Old Goa St. Anthony’s Chapel and Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Day 5 – Church of Santa Monica, Sharing of experiences and Setting up an exhibition and presentation

Day 6 – Church of Santa Monica–Exhibition, presentation and performance for friends and family