Goa gets it’s first pictorial cancellation

The department of posts, on the occasion of National Philately Day, launched the first pictorial cancellation of Goa which will feature the sculpture of Saint Meerabai, which is found in the village of Loutolim. The department launched this pictorial cancellation as part of National Postal Week that is being observed from October 9-15.

The sculpture of Saint Meerabai, which can be seen in the village of Loutolim, is the work of sculpturist, Mahendra Alvares. The sculpture has entered six record books, including Limca book of records for being the fastest and longest laterite sculpture done single-handedly. This pictorial cancellation will be used at the Loutolim post office, to cancel the letters posted in a specified letterbox.

Dr N Vinodkumar, postmaster general, Goa region, said that: “stamps maybe a piece of paper for a common man, but for a philatelist it is a piece of art, cause these stamps are studded with miniature paintings based on various themes.” Vinodkumar also urged the younger generation to take up philately and open ‘Philatelic Deposit Account’, which will not only add a dimension to one’s hobby but also will enhance them with more knowledge.

Briefing about the pictorial cancellation, Vinodkumar said that Pictorial Cancellation is a postmark, which shows replica/ photo/design or a picture highlighting a tourist, religious, historical or an important place or thing. Thus Pictorial Cancellations give wide publicity mainly to places of tourist interest and they are provided at the post offices which are located near such places of tourist attraction. “Since Goa has many tourist spots we can come up with a chain of pictorial cancellations in the near future”, added Vinodkumar.

Pic Credits- Hemant Parab